Seasonal Flow Yoga


9.30am - 10.30am

(all levels welcome)


Downside Village Hall


KT11 3NP

This is a Hatha based class with a gentle introduction to "flow" or "vinyasa". These flows are added to disperse stagnant energy, flush the body and build strength. 


Every class begins with a slow warm up and stretch, working up to the standing poses which reach a peak, before coming down to explore more mat based poses.

Creating a feeling of deep opening and a stronger connection between mind, body and breath.

Also an introduction to the more spiritual side of yoga.

Vinyasa Power Yoga


8.00pm - 9.00pm

(some knowledge of yoga needed)

This class is a faster paced, stronger class, based around a classic vinyasa style of yoga. 


Intermediate postures are included to challenge you and we often work towards a peak pose. 


Expect to flow and move around the mat, whilst working the body hard and having some fun! 


There is an emphasis on Seasonal Yoga to keep you in touch with the current season and we explore the connection between the physical practice  "asana" and the more philosophical side of yoga.


Not recommended for complete beginners, as basic knowledge of yoga is an advantage.


Dance Studio @ 3 Rivers Academy


KT12 5PY


9.30am - 10.45am

(all levels welcome)

Seasonal Flow Yoga + yoga nidra


St Andrews Church Hall (upstairs)

Hersham rd

Walton on Thames


This is a slower paced Hatha style yoga class, perfect for beginners or those that prefer a gentler approach to yoga.


It is a mixture of standing and seated poses, ending with an extended relaxation - either yoga nidra or meditation.

Yoga nidra is know as "yogic sleep" and is used at the end of class as a method of conscious deep relaxation.  We use blankets and essential oils to create the mood - its a great way to wind down for the weekend.

There is also light focus into the spiritual side of yoga, exploring "Dharana" or "self study"

Drop in £12

5 class pass £50

10 class pass £90

There is no expiry date on these passes

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