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"Our aim at uniOM yoga is to introduce you to a different way to exercise your body, one that includes exercising your mind and your soul too, and re-connecting them with nature and the energy that surrounds us"

For a long time, we have been relying on technology and industry in many different ways to sustain and maintain our lives.  There is now a global realisation that this is not necessarily the best way to live and in actual fact it’s hurting the planet we live on and also not providing the best nourishment for our bodies and souls.

The further we have moved away from nature and what is natural, the more un-balanced we have become.  Or you could say, the more we “plug in” the more “disconnected” and “unfulfilled “we feel.

Our aim at uniOM yoga is to get you connected to earth's “Wi-Fi”

Yoga is unique in the way that it is not only a way to work the physical body - it also exercises the mind.

The physical side of yoga – or the “asanas” is only a small part of what this ancient philosophy has to offer. Yoga also works on a subtler level – looking at the way we breath, the way we perceive ourselves and how to understand the internal workings of the conscious and unconscious mind.

Seasonal Yoga is an integration of traditional yoga and Chinese philosophy. We apply these this ancient wisdom and knowledge of natures seasonal changes to our yoga classes.

At uniOM yoga we don’t use complicated instructions or pointless verbal direction, our teaching and our words come from an authentic place of study.  We teach from the heart, with warmth, integrity and a desire to spread this wonderful yoga experience to as many people as possible.

"Tamara is a wonderful teacher.  Her classes are always beautifully created with real care and focus for everyone in the room.  Highly recommended"


Tamara is literally the best yoga teacher, her class is my favourite of the week.  It's a perfect balance of pushing yourself mentally and physically, but also being mindful! Her technique is perfect and watching her is so inspiring, my favourite teacher - love her lots"


"Tamara is a fantastic teacher.  When I first moved to the area and was looking for a yoga class, Tamara's style of teaching was just what I was looking for.  Strong but not too fast. She has a wonderful knowledge of the physical postures mixed with yoga philosophy - she inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself!"


Tamara Melvin

I discovered yoga in 2002, whilst living in San Francisco.  I was looking for a more subtle way to exercise after a running injury., something that would be low impact but also strengthen the body.

Blown away by how amazing I felt after my first class, I signed up for a 6 week beginners Iyengar course.  There after dipping my toes into as many different types of yoga as possible.

Fast forward a few years, which includes 2 kids, a move back to the OK, a stint at working at a yoga studio,  I finally took the plunge and qualified as a Seasonal Yoga Teacher in 2012.

When I teach, I like to take you on a journey.  My classes are alignment based and have a constantly changing theme.  I love working with energies, emotions and I openly encourage my students to step out of their comfort zone, physically and mentally.

Tamara is an advanced 500hr Yoga Teacher with a Mindfulness and NLP diploma, 100hr Teen Yoga Foundation Teacher, basic Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor. She is also qualified to teach yoga for Cancer.
(Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Hot Yoga, Teens, Chair Yoga and Yoga for Cancer)

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