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Summer is when earths energy is at it's peak and is outward, engaging, bouncing and swirling and .  With the days long and light, we spend more time outside, interacting with others and generally enjoying ourselves. It is also a time for expression and living and speaking from the heart - what sets your heart on fire? where does your passion lie? say what you mean!


The heart is the ruler of the body - it's rate and rhythm is determined by our breathing, mental and emotional states.  In yoga we also have a "spiritual heart" called HRIDHAYA where our soul or true essence resides.

With that in mind summer is also a time for integrity, having a good sense of right and wrong. Not just in the light of other people, but also yourself.  What's best for me? who and what am I absorbing and letting into my heart.


In summer we should be full of life, inspired, open hearted and ready to try anything!

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21 June - 20 August

Fire Element (stage 2)

Heart & Small Intestine 

Anahata Chakra 

Yang season

summer yoga, heart meridian
summer yoga, small intestine meridian
Foot Tracks on Sand

Fire Element (stage 2)

Summer is here!

it's a time of maximum potential. We are able to enjoy the fruit from the seeds we have sewn and the visions and plans we have made in the Spring.  If a tree does not blossom or bear fruit, there can be no harvest.  It's the same with humans, if we don't allow ourselves to blossom and break free - we deprive ourselves of a summer harvest in Late Summer.  This is important as when we enter Autumn we learn to let go, and this becomes more difficult if we have not experiences a taste of our hopes and plans.

Too much energy in this element? - overly enthusiastic, racing mind, inability to separate pure from impure, overly emotional, lack of inhibition, too open hearted

Too little energy - lethargy, judgmental, unsympathetic, unempathetic, closed

Energy in balance - healthy boundaries and relationships, adventurous, sociable, accepting, non judgemental, generous, inspired, decisive

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