21 June - 20 August

Fire Element (stage 2)

Heart & Small Intestine 

Anahata Chakra 

Yang season

Summer is when earths energy is at it's peak and is outward, engaging, bouncing and swirling and .  With the days long and light, we spend more time outside, interacting with others and generally enjoying ourselves. It is also a time for expression and living and speaking from the heart - what sets your heart on fire? where does your passion lie? say what you mean!


The heart is the ruler of the body - it's rate and rhythm is determined by our breathing, mental and emotional states.  In yoga we also have a "spiritual heart" called HRIDHAYA where our soul or true essence resides.

With that in mind summer is also a time for integrity, having a good sense of right and wrong. Not just in the light of other people, but also yourself.  What's best for me? who and what am I absorbing and letting into my heart.


In summer we should be full of life, inspired, open hearted and ready to try anything!

Fire Element (stage 2)

 Summer is here!

it's a time of maximum potential. We are able to enjoy the fruit from the seeds we have sewn and the visions and plans we have made in the Spring.  If a tree does not blossom or bear fruit, there can be no harvest.  It's the same with humans, if we don't allow ourselves to blossom and break free - we deprive ourselves of a summer harvest in Late Summer.  This is important as when we enter Autumn we learn to let go, and this becomes more difficult if we have not experiences a taste of our hopes and plans.

The Meridian line (energy lines):

Heart - starts from the centre of the armpit.  It follows the medial aspect of the arm, down to the elbow and wrist.  It crosses the palm between the 4th and 5th fingers, and ends on the dorsal aspect hand beside the nail of the little finger.

Small Intestine - begins on the dorsal aspect of the little finger.  It runs past the wrist, up the arm to the elbow and shoulder.  It makes a triangle shape on the shoulder blade before crossing the back of the neck.  On the face it runs up the cheek and then ends beside the ear.

Anahata Chakra 
The heart chakra is the centre of the human energy system.  Just as the heart pumps blood  and life force around the body, the heart chakra moves love through our lives.  The heart thrives on connection to others, joy, peace and understanding.  It teaches us to love unconditionally
Yoga Practice
Opening the heart and lifting the energy is a focus in Summer.  Postures using the arms to stimulate meridians and raise the heart rate are important.  Its the perfect time of year for challenging poses like arm balances.
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