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What is "Seasonal Yoga" ?

Practicing Seasonal Yoga is a step towards living in-tune with nature's changes.  We use the breath work and asana of yoga and the TCM knowledge of meridians and pressure points to re-connect with nature and re-balance ourselves with the earths energy.

As “human” animals we are closely connected to the changes in seasons, not just within our physical bodies, but also within our emotions and mental well-being. 


In seasonal yoga, we identify these internal changes and shift our way in thinking to become more mindful and astute to what each season brings us and what we need to do to stay connected. For example, spring is all about making plans, new beginnings, de-cluttering the mind and winter is about conserving, contemplation, stillness.


There are SIX seasons that we work with:



Early Summer

Late Summer




Each of these seasons is linked to:

an element

a pair of organs

a pair of meridians

certain emotions and states or mind

certain foods and ways to cook them


Yoga postures are carefully chosen to stimulate pressure points and meridian lines within in the body that are linked to the current season and also the energy of that season.

When we do this, we are re calibrating the energy flowing through these channels. Boosting the that human to earth connection.  Pranayama is used to set the mood and attain the most suitable level of breathing and state of mind for the physical practice.  And we use mindfulness to keep our mental and emotional focus on track.

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