21 October - 20 December

Metal Element

Lungs and Large Intestine

Vishuddha Chakra (throat)

Yin season

Autumn is the season of letting go and turning inwards and releasing what no longer serves us - be that old thought patterns, relationships, habits or the environment we live in.  Removing the old and the stale and in doing so reveal what truly matters to us.  At this time we look to removing anything that veils or masks our true self.

 The emotion for Autumn is grief.....saying goodbye to summer and cutting ties from what doesn't connect us to our true selves. Sometimes we hold onto old habits that we know are bad for us as we fear change.  In Autumn we begin the process of reflection, repair and release. A falling away of outward energy.... old leaves fall back to the earth to nourish the soil for the growing seasons to come.

Metal Element 

 The metal element encourages us to learn more about ourselves than any other season.  It marks the end of the growing season.  Just as metals give value to the earth in the form of minerals, the metal element within us gives us our sense of self worth.  It represents order, discipline  and precision.  Each of us has a special unique gift to offer, when we rid ourselves of what prevents our light from shining we vibrate at our highest frequency.  This enables us to enter winter in our purest form, ready to meet ourselves face to face - good and bad and to accept what is.

The Meridian line (energy lines):

Lungs - this meridian starts on the lateral aspect of the chest in the intercostal space.  It runs down the arm to the elbow, then to the wrist, ending in the radial border of the thumbs fingernail.

Large intestine - begins beside the index finger nail.  It then runs up the index finger, up the radial side of the wrist, to the elbow and then the shoulder.  It continues up the lateral side of the neck, then moves across the face to the point directly under the nostril and ends at the otjer side of the nose.  It's the only meridian that crosses the mid line.

Vishuddha Chakra 
Speaking your truth and celebrating your integrity. Once we have shed the layers of ourselves that hide our true essence and values our highest truth is exposed 
Yoga Practice

Structured and disciplined, with a focus on breath work that encourages a release of the old.  Opening and closing the body including the neck to release the throat chakra

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