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Fruit and Leaves

Late Summer

21 August - 20 October

Earth Element

Stomach & Spleen 

Mulhadara/Manipura Chakra 

Yang season

Late Summer is a welcome relief from the intense heat and outward energy of summer. The weather is becoming damper, waiting for the drier crispness of Autumn to come. It's a time of coming back to centre - Like the stone in a piece of fruit allow yourself to feel a strong sense of centre in your life. It is one of the transitional seasons, with warm days and moist cool nights - there is a feeling of heaviness and slowing down.  Transitional seasons are a time to take a step back, prepare, confront and balance. 

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Garden Soil

Earth Element

 Once Summer has reached its peak, the seasonal cycle starts to return inwards - towards the earth.  The Earth Element gives us the ability to learn and nourish and care for ourselves.  Balance in this element means that we can feel "at home" anywhere.  Nature returns it's fruits to be harvested and enjoyed.  A good harvest fills the larder so that the colder months can be survived without scarcity and energy can be conserved as outer growth slows down and there is a feeling of gathering inwards. 

Too much energy in this element? - overthinking, greed, obsession

Too little energy - feeling empty, searching, yearning, brooding, worry, self pity, low self esteem

Energy in balance - satisfaction, sense of self, contentment, family, feeling all together, self assured, confident, intellect 

late summer yoga, stomach meridian
late summer yoga spleen meridian
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