Early Summer

21 May - 20 June

Fire Element (stage 1)

Pericardium & Triple heater (connective tissue/fascia)

Manipura/Anahata Chakra 

Yang season

The growth of Spring mixes with the expansion of Summer and we look to the connection we have with ourselves with our environment and others.

It's a time for enthusiasm, outward energy and prepping for summer! We include body brushing as part of our routine to stimulate the connective tissue and boost circulation and also look at our interaction with the outside world - what are we sending out there? whats our vibe?

Do we have good boundaries? we should be giving and receiving warmth in early summer, but also know when and who to give this precious energy to.

It's also a time to look at the progress made with any goals or intentions set in Spring.

Notice how your connective tissue reacts to people and situations.  What are you drawn to and what repels you? You may not listen to your heart of your head, but your body will respond.  Your connective tissue is like your internal guru..listen to him or her.

Fire Element (stage 1)

The "warm-up" act for summer! The art of communication is key here, the early stage of the fire element teaches us to be open and expressive about how we feel and what we are thinking.  It encourages growth, learning and helping the development of others, promoting talent.

Too much energy in this element? - overly confident, selfish, unsympathetic, head strong, inability to make connections with others

Too little energy - shy, socially nervous, easily startled, absentminded, hide behind others, feeling left out

Balanced energy - confident, socially adept, joyful, clear headed, great communication

The Meridian line (energy lines):

Pericardium - starts from beside the nipple, it extends down the anterior aspect of the arm, past the elbow, down the middle of the forearm between the two most visible tendons, it crossed the palm and ends at the tip of the middle finger.

Triple heater - begins beside the nail of the ring finger, extends over the dorsum of the hand and up the lateral aspect of the arm, between the radius and the ulna, it goes above the elbow and extends up the arm to the shoulder, it runs up the neck, around the ear and ends ast the lateral end of the eyebrow.


Manipura/Anahata Chakra 
Early summer is about a connection between these two chakras.  Manipura represents a connection to oneself and self identity, and anahata the connection to others - relationships and unconditional love
Yoga Practice
Connective tissue is key here, look to stretch the body - spiralling poses, heart openers and posture that include the arms.  Move from the front to the back of the mat and vice versa, working in circles of connection.
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