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A perfect start towards deepening your yoga practice and developing self awareness.  Learn life style tips to keep you connected to the current season whilst looking behind the scenes at your yoga practice with posture workshops meditation and breathing techniques.

5 month course

10 hrs per month

50 hrs online training/50hrs self study

Thinking of being a yoga teacher?

Do you have 3 years yoga experience and wish to learn more about the yoga tradition?

This is a Teacher Training Course which will not only give you the qualification to teach yoga, but also an education in yoga philosophy, anatomy, TCM, mediation, pranayama and an introduction to the main yogic texts

12 month course

1 weekend per month

Already a yoga teacher? This short course will add a string to your bow - enabling you to teach YIN YOGA and in addition, bringing another lever to your current Season yoga knowledge to with advanced informational on meridians, pressure points and muscles.

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