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Spring Branches


21 March - 20 May

Wood Element

Liver, gallbladder and pancreas

Manipura Chakra (solar plexus)

Yang season

As the days become lighter and brighter, we welcome the season of Spring.  Earths energy is rising from the depths of her heart centre as the period of resting ends and we begin a new phase of growth.  The energy which has been stored and lying in wait now has the opportunity to burst forward and upward in the form of new buds and new life.  As we enjoy the "light at the end of the tunnel" and emerge from the gloom of winter, we use this rush of energy to make new plans for the future, set goals and have a good "spring clean" on a material, physical and mental/emotional level. 

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Fire Wood

Wood Element

"The wood element symbolises growth, birth, innovation and creativity"

Too much energy in this element? - flowing through this energy centre - over bearing, competitive, obsessive, fanatical, wooden, bad tempered, over demanding.

Too little wood energy - inability to make a decision, fickle, feeling over whelmed, stagnant, not able to keep your word, worrying about the future.

Balanced energy - motivated, imaginative, visionary, decisive, organised, planner, ability to see things from both sides, spontaneous, observant, assertive

spring yoga, gallbladder meridian
spring yoga, liver meridian
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