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Sat 17th November 

12pm - 3pm 


*limited spaces*

Join me for a 3-hour Seasonal Yoga Workshop, exploring “Autumn” 

Saturday 17th November, 12pm - 3pm £35

Location: Harmony Centre, Ashley School, Walton on Thames, KT12 1HX

We know when Autumn has arrived as there’s a crispness in the air and dry leaves underfoot - Earths energy is drawing inwards and preparing to let go for winter.

Everything around us is “slowing down” - nature is setting an example by shortened days, longer nights and cooler temperatures, and as these changes take place we begin to turn our focus inwards and become more reflective.

It’s a time to bring things to a conclusion, tying up loose ends and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us, giving us a sense of clarity and clear mind.

This workshop will bring you in-tune with the current season, physically, mentally and emotionally.

“reuniting mind, body and spirit with natures rhythms and the energy of the universe”

*Opening Autumn meditation - to ground and set the scene

*An explanation of what Seasonal Yoga is

*Exploring the current season:

Chinese philosophy - the element, meridians and organs related to the season

Yoga philosophy - postures and chakras

Emotional/physical well-being during this time and how to maintain a good balance, 

Eating in season

*Autumn mindfulness

*Pranayama and 75 min yoga practice, followed by Yoga Nidra

*Seasonal vegan soup


*please email me with any dietary requirements*

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