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Class types

30 min mindfulness class

  • Stretch and tension release

  • Breath work

  • Meditation

This class is the most relaxing and de-stressing of our selection of corporate yoga classes.  It is performed partially seated and partially lying down.  The focus is on bringing space to the body and mind through stretching, breathing techniques and mindfulness.  The methods used in this class are easy to learn and can be used outside the work environment.

It’s a great tonic or “pick me up” for mid morning, lunchtime or mid afternoon. Particularly useful at times when the workforce in under stress.

45 min yoga class

  • Breathing and stretching

  • Strength & stamina

  • Relaxation

More like your traditional yoga class. We start with gentle breathing and stretching and flow to basic standing postures that will lengthen and strengthen the muscles, and also get the heart pumping.  This is toped off with savasana, which is relaxation in yogic terms.

We like to offer this class to our clients that don’t have the time for a full 60 min class, but want to feel like they have had a “yoga” work out.

Most suitable for early mornings before work or lunchtimes.

60 min yoga class

  • Breath work                

  • Deeper stretch

  • Core boosting

  • Strength & stamina

  • Relaxation

This is the perfect class for those that want a more in depth and energetic class that covers all bases.  These are fun classes and we encourage interaction between teacher and student!  Leave feeling lifted and energised. 

Recommended for early mornings, lunchtimes and after work.

We can also provide wellness workshops, that cover exercise, nutricien and mindfulness.  These workshops are 3 hours long and are based on the current season i.e Spring.  The intention is to get more in tune with living within nature. Eating food that is in season, moving with earths energy.

Workshops are great for those that would like to experience more of what yoga has to offer and learn techniques and skills to take home.

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