So, how does it work

and what does it cost?

SPACE - Find a suitable space that is easy to clear and can accommodate yoga mats, wooden or office carpeted floors work well.

WHEN - then pick a time and day that suits everyone.

WHICH - type of class fits your needs?

REGULARITY – how many classes a week would you like?

We offer 3 different classes:

  • 30-45 min mindful class - £30 flat fee

  • 45 min yoga class - £8 per person

  • 60 min yoga class - £10 per person

Decide if your company will provide this service to their employees free of charge or will each individual employee be paying for his or her class.

Would you like a free 30 min taster?

Call Uniom Yoga and book your slot 0774 761 9581

We work in 10 weekly cycles with payment upfront.  There is a 24 hr cancellation policy, any classes cancelled within this period will roll over.

Our minimum is 5 participants and our maximum per class is 12 people. If you have over 12 work colleagues interested, we can provide the same service on another day.

Uniom Yoga can provide 12 yoga mats and all other props needed, although It is advised that participants purchase their own mat and bring it to class or store it at the work place.

We recommend clothing that allows you to move, leggings, cycling shorts, t-shirts, vests etc. Not only does this give you comfort when moving, it also allows the teacher to see your alignment in poses better.  It’s also a good idea to have a bottle of water to hand

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