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What are the benefits?

To your employees:

  • Strengthen, tone and unwind the body

  • Boosting immune system – colds, less risk of illness

  • Alleviates neck, back, shoulder pain, improves bad posture, circulation

  • De-stress’s, reduces anxiety, depression

  • Promotes feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Improves focus, balance, memory, concentration, creativity

  • Increased energy levels, decrease fatigue


To your business:

  • Increased productivity – for every health risk factor an employee has, their productivity at work reduces by 2.4%

  • Reduced employee absenteeism – this is a significant cost to business, around £600 per employee per year.

  • Higher job satisfaction amongst employees - Making place of work an enjoyable place to be. Offering a great work/life balance.

  • More attractive to potential employees and clients – offering an edge over competition. Making your company “employer of choice” or a noted “caring employer”.

  • Enhances employee commitment – makes employees feel rewarded and valued, making them feel that your company wants to support them in their personal and working lives.

  • Team morale – Working and exercising as a group enhances the structure of team relationships. Enhancing feelings of trust within the group.  Social connectedness.

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