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Winter ❄️ Workshop - in person!

Saturday 4th December 10-1pm, The Refresh Ctr, 129 Walton rd, East Molesey.

My first in-person workshop for 2years!

Immerse yourself in the season of winter, a beautifully, deep, soulful time of the year.

I’d like to take you softly by the hand into this winter wonderland….. using mantra, meditation and movement to tune into nature’s rhythm.

Bring your mat, blanket and pillow- lets snuggle down and come together to celebrate the wonder of winter.

The Refresh Ctr is by far the “lovelist“ space I’ve had the pleasure to hire for a really long time. I’m really excited to offer this workshop to you 😊.

And if you’re not tempted by the content - come for the seasonal nibbles afterwards.

Book online £40

Love Tamara,


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