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Sat 16th March 2019

12pm - 3pm 


*limited spaces*


Join me for a 3-hour Seasonal Yoga Workshop welcoming in “Spring” 

Saturday 16th March, 12pm - 3pm £35

Location: Harmony Centre, Ashley School, Walton on Thames, KT12 1HX

Spring is the season of optimism and hope.  Earth’s energy is rising, and with it comes “rebirth”.  As we exit the resting phase of winter, we throw off the duvet we have been hibernating under and use the gathered energy of winter to set ourselves up for the rest of the year. ​

Staying in touch with the inner wisdom gained in winter, whist taking outward action

In this workshop we will be grounding the body, building the foundations of our goals and desires for the upcoming year – creating balance and focus, and looking at how we can not only spring clean our homes, but also our minds and bodies!

Do you have a picture of how you see your life enfolding over this coming year? Does reality correspond?

Learn how to make changes, set an intention “sankalpa” and thoroughly give the mind, body a detox.

This workshop will bring you in-tune with the current season, physically, mentally and emotionally.

“reuniting mind, body and spirit with natures rhythms and the energy of the universe”

*Opening Spring meditation - to ground and set the scene

*An explanation of what Seasonal Yoga is

*Exploring the current season:

Chinese philosophy - the element, meridians and organs related to the season

Yoga philosophy - postures and chakras

Emotional/physical well-being during this time and how to maintain a good balance, 

Eating in season

*Spring mindfulness

*Pranayama and 75 min yoga practice, followed by Yoga Nidra

*Seasonal refreshments


*please email me with any dietary requirements*

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