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Before class:

​Come along wearing something comfortable, leggings and a t-shirt for example or joggers/shorts for men. Layers are best, as your temperature will change during the class.

It is advisable not to eat less than an hour before hand, but liquids are fine, as is water during the class. Make sure you let me know if this is your first time doing yoga, or if you have any injuries.

All levels are welcome, and I have plenty of yoga mats for you to borrow if you don't have your own.

After class:

​Your body will have expelled lots of toxins, so it's always a good idea to hydrate with water and take a little rest if possible.


You may find that you sleep much deeper after a class and feel a bit achy as you will have been using muscles that don't usually get a "work out". This is totally normal and a hot bath or another yoga class is a great remedy.

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